Ageing Well Without Children is a Prama Foundation project which transferred to the Foundation from a Community Interest Company founded in 2014 by Kirsty Woodard.  This company was set up to focus on the issues facing those ageing without children, whether by choice or through circumstance. Prama are committed to continue this work.

There are many circumstances why some one could be ageing without children. Maybe because they were unable to have children, their children predeceased them, they are estranged from their children, their children live far away or are in prison or their children require care themselves.


While there are many organisations in the ageing sector, this issue, which already affects 1.2 million people in the UK over 65, had not previously been recognised.

Our Vision
is a world where people are enabled to age well without children

Our Mission
is campaigning, information & support for people ageing without children


  • Survey of 400 people in 2015 to ascertain the thoughts of people ageing without children which formed the basis of AWwoCs initial plans

  • Created AWwoC groups in York, Leeds & Bradford

  • Set up a closed Facebook group which has over 1800 members

  • Created a website that has over 60,000 visitors

  • Set up a Twitter feed which has over 3000 followers

  • Held two conferences, first in London in 2015 and the second in Birmingham in 2016 focusing specifically on planning for later life without children.

  • Partnered with the Beth Johnson Foundation in a successful bid to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to deliver two pilot planning for a later life without children workshops

  • Researched and published with funding from Beth Johnson Foundation, “Our Voices”, a report detailing the lived experiences of people ageing without children which is available for free download from the AWwoC website.

  • Worked with the Prama Foundation to develop guidelines for organisations wanting to set up AWwoC groups

  • Part of the Transform Ageing progamme being piloted in the south west

  • We have achieved so much in such a short time because of:

  • Our focus and concentration of effort: on an issue that, before AWwoC, had received little attention;

  • Our credibility: our founder and directors all self-identify as ageing without children and, in consequence, bring not only passion and commitment, but personal authority and integrity to the work of the organisation; and

  • Our ability to forge connections: our founder and directors have and continue to build networks and engage stakeholders.


We are looking to develop a peer-led network bringing together people ageing without children as a community, locally and across the UK through:

  • Local groups – where people ageing without children can come together for peer support, to share experiences, obtain information and work with local organisations to ensure that the needs of people ageing without children are included in policy, planning and services for older people. The local groups will be run by volunteers ageing without children and supported by AWwoC;

  • A private online community – hosted on our website where people ageing without children can share experiences, discuss issues and get support from other members;

  • Events and workshops – on matters of relevance to our community to help plan for a positive later life without children and to support those already struggling with issues; and

  • Bi-annual conferences – we are planning to hold the next conference in 2020

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