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  • 1 million people aged over 65 in the UK have no children and this figure is set to rise to 2 million by 2030.

  • 92% of informal care is provided by family members.

  • People ageing without children in the UK are a largely invisible demographic whose needs and specific challenges are not recognised by most policy makers and providers of services.

  • This means that people ageing without children can be left without support at a time in their lives when they need it the most.

AWOC offers focused and affordable workshops on the extent and nature of the issues facing people ageing without children. We can help organisations working with older people to review their current services, consider how they may become more inclusive and develop solutions which specifically meet the needs of this growing community of older people.

We offer two workshops delivered by experienced trainers and subject experts who are ageing without children themselves.

Our lead trainer has  experience of working with local authorities and voluntary sector organisations reviewing and redesigning services.

To enquire about our training or consultancy services, please email us



This workshop is aimed at raising awareness amongst front-line staff and volunteers working with older people. It explores the different reasons why people may be ageing without children, and the impact it has on them as individuals, as well as the impact on health and care services and on the wider community. Using practical examples and personal stories, we will look at changes that could be made to foster a more inclusive and supportive approach.

Learning outcomes:
Attendees will gain an understanding of why people may be ageing without children and how to identify the issues that they may be facing because of this lack of family support

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This workshop is informed by the in-depth research carried out with people ageing without children for the Our Voices Report (2016). It is aimed at senior staff, managers, trustees and chief executives of organisations providing services to older people both statutory, independent and voluntary.

The focus is on understanding the policy context, why people ageing without children are generally absent from the debate about later life issues and the impact this has on services and service providers. We will discuss how these issues can be tackled within your organisation and help you plan and develop potential solutions.


Learning Outcomes

Attendees will:

  • gain an understanding of why people may be ageing without children;

  • identify the issues that they may be facing because of this lack of family support;

  • have increased awareness of the policy context around ageing and how it impacts people ageing without children;

  • identify actions which they can take in their own organisation to make it more “AWOC friendly”.


Workshops are open to groups of up to 20 attendees. Our training can be delivered onsite at your location or online. We can also develop and deliver training and workshops tailored to the needs of your organisation.


Ageing Without Children is the only organisation in the world focused on the issues affecting people ageing without children. We have unrivalled expertise and access to research and knowledge that can help your organisation improve the lives of people ageing without children including

  • Identifying the numbers of people ageing without children in your locality and what this means for individuals and communities;

  • Analysing your internal data to identify how many people ageing without children you are working with and whether your reach could be improved;

  • Auditing how AWOC-friendly your organisation is and making recommendations for changes;

  • Redesigning service pathways to make them more accessible for people ageing without children.

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