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The Prama Foundation take up the AWWOC Mantle

Kirsty wrote recently to all AWWOC supporters to let them know

"AWwoC is now closed, we are very pleased to let you know that the work we have begun on highlighting the issues facing people ageing without children will be carried on by the PRAMA Foundation. As AWwoC is a community interest company we are obliged to give our assets to another community organisation and the PRAMA Foundation has been a long time supporter of AWwoCs work.

They will now be able to use the AWwoC logo and brand as well as taking the reports and research we have produced. They will also take over the administration of the facebook group, and the website and twitter feed will be reinstated

Thank you again for all your support for AWwoC over the years and we hope that you will support PRAMA in their efforts to take the issue forward"

The Prama Foundation is delighted to pick up this piece of work and carry on the phenomenal work campaigning and educating that Kirsty and AWWOC have delivered in the last few years.

Watch this space to see where AWWOC goes next.

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